Internal Door and Window Installation

This beautiful installation in West Winterslow, Sailsbury added security to their home.

Not only can our beautiful collection of windows and doors transform the external aesthetics of your home but they can also improve the internal aesthetics too!

uVPC Casement Windows

Mr & Mrs Argyle from West Winterslow, Salisbury had one uPVC Casement Window installed into their kitchen, allowing for natural light to flood their room. It also offers a lovely view while in the kitchen washing up too!

Our Casement Windows are fully thermally efficient, and durable against the British weather, rotting, warping and discolouration. This gives you the peace of mind that you are getting a fully reliable and long-lasting product for your home.

What’s more, our Casement Windows are low maintenance too, simply take a damp cloth and give them a wipe when needed!

The Argyle’s had an internal uPVC Door fitted too, this acts like a second part of their entrance, this is the second door to be locked from the outside adding an additional level of security to their home.

uPVC Door

This internal door also offers light to enter their kitchen, even when the door is closed to create a brighter and more spacious feel to their room.

This lockable uPVC Door gives them an extra layer of security against any unwanted intruders.

This beautiful installation was completed in time for spring so the Argyle’s could benefit from the spring and summer sun in their home!

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uPVC Casement Windows Salisbury

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