French Doors

French doors or double doors offer a stylish alternative to sliding patio doors, particularly when you want to maintain a traditional feel. Ideal for conservatories and sunrooms, their classic ‘Continental’ two-door design remains a popular favourite in all types of property.

The benefits of French doors are plain: with no central mullion the doors open into a wide, unobstructed space, making rooms feel spacious and offering an uninterrupted view.

French doors from Newglaze are designed to match your windows with slim sightlines to maximise light – yet offering complete strength and security.

Newglaze’s PVC-U French doors are as robust and secure as our other door types, offering all the benefits of contemporary PVC-U double-glazing, with no compromise on style.

French doors are a timeless classic, and an elegant way to connect your home and your garden and to add a new dimension to your life. Now brought right up to date with Optima’s design, French doors are better than ever. Profiles are slim but strong. Multi-chambered sections and advanced glazing insulate your home from the winter chill and the heat of summer. Highly-secure locking systems and toughened glass protect your home and your family.

Choose French Doors that work with your home. There are inwards or outwards opening configurations, added side panels for wider openings and Georgian bars for the authentic period appearance. Or, if the contemporary look is more your thing, choose a clean, simple layout and a bold colour scheme.