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Timber Windows
Aluminium Windows
Obscure Glass

Why choose windows from Newglaze?

Choosing the right PVC-U windows, doors and conservatories can be quite a challenge. That’s why at Newglaze we provide all the advice and practical help you need to make the right choice.

So why choose Newglaze and what makes us special? Newglaze has over 36 years’ experience in supplying systems for replacement windows and doors and we have led the way in developing the technology that has revolutionised the industry.

Over that time we’ve pioneered the development of sustainable, energy-saving advanced performance windows and doors, helping thousands of homeowners enhance the appeal and security their properties, and save money on energy-bills in the long-term.

Whether you’re looking to replace old timber, aluminium or PVC, build a new conservatory or improve the security of your home, Newglaze offers you the style, colour and performance to complement and enhance any style of property. Our range includes popular casement styles, traditional sliding sash, French windows and reversible windows.

PVC-U window and door systems offer many advantages over timber and aluminium, offering low-maintenance, enhanced security, improved energy efficient and carbon-friendly solutions.

The rigid construction of our window and door profiles means that they will last for years and years, improving performance in both window manufacture and use.

Casement Windows


Casement Windows?

Whether your property is a new build or a traditional cottage, the look of your home can be given a real boost with casement windows from Newglaze. One of the most popular styles, they offer great versatility and can be hinged at the top, at either side, or at the bottom

Replacing old casement windows with new, thermally enhanced double glazed casement windows from Newglaze not only improves the look of your home, but it could also save you money on heating bills too. Newglaze’s casement windows conform to strict British Standard specifications, and are manufactured to the highest levels, giving you greater thermal and acoustic efficiency. That means a warmer, quieter home that’s also secure, to give you total peace of mind.

Increase the value of your homeIncrease the value of your home

Modern, high performance casement windows can also increase the value of your home, so investing in double glazed casement windows is a sound economic decision too.

At Newglaze, we work with a network of trusted installers across the UK to bring you the best in UPVC installations. With their help we provide thousands of homeowners across the UK with easy-care, long lasting windows that will look good for years to come. We know that you want the best in security too, so we ensure that all of our casement windows are fitted with the latest, multipoint locking mechanisms that will prevent even the most determined intruder from accessing your home.

We take our green credentials seriously, so at Newglaze, we recycle and reuse as much material as possible. Our new 100% recycled window system means that you can install the very best in double glazed casement windows without worrying about the impact on the environment, so you can lower your heating bills and your carbon footprint at the same time.

Triple Glazed Windows

Triple Glazed WindowsAre you looking for extra efficiency and energy saving benefits? Newglaze offers a selection of triple glazed windows which will improve thermal and acoustic performance to create a warmer, quieter and more secure environment for you and your family to live in.

Triple glazed windows consist of three panes of glass, providing extra insulation in order to conserve heat, eliminate draughts and reduce condensation.

The high quality and performance of triple glazed windows will not only create a comfortable home and reduced annual outgoings but will also enhance the external appearance of your house due to the variety of window styles and finishes available at Newglaze.

Whether you are looking for traditional casement windows, contemporary horizontal pivot systems or a practical tilt and turn option, you can incorporate triple glazing into a variety of window designs, which come in a range of colours to suit your individual taste and complement the aesthetics of your home. By combining the striking appeal of our window profiles with effective triple glazing you can be confident that you are creating a home that performs on both the outside and in.

Ideal for noisy residential or roadside areas, triple glazing windows not only work to keep your house warmer, but the improved acoustic performance also helps reduce outside noise so that you can create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere.

At Newglaze the quality is at the core of everything we do, which is why we ensure that all of our windows conform to strict British Standard requirements to meet high standards of performance, durability and energy efficiency. Our fabricators also offer a 10-year guarantee to give you total peace of mind when ordering your new window system.

Tilt & Turn Windows

Tilt & Turn WindowsUpdate your home with a contemporary new look by adding tilt and turn windows, which unlike most windows open inwards as well as outwards for increased safety, ventilation and easier upkeep.

Designed with large panes that maximise light, the windows will not only give a sophisticated and striking look on the outside, but will also enable you to benefit from their low maintenance and easy to clean features.

Newglaze’s tilt and turn PVCU windows utilise large glass panels to create a flood lit environment that brightens up any home. The windows are easy to clean, thanks to the innovative tilt and turn operation that allows windows to be opened wide and cleaned from the inside of your home. Not only do these unique features make for a cleaner and brighter result, they also make maintaining your windows safer too.

Ideal for summer days when windows can be opened wide, the tilt and turn window system is equally as efficient in the colder weather, with exceptional draught proofing for superior energy efficiency and increased heat conservation.

Tilt and turn windows from Newglaze come in a choice of opening combinations including single or multi-panes, so that you can achieve a look that complements your existing home. There is also a wide selection of colours and finishes to choose from, including white, woodgrain on white and woodgrain.

As with all Newglaze windows, tilt and turn windows are designed for long lasting, energy efficient performance so you can feel assured that you are choosing the best available windows.

Security & Safety

Installing replacement PVC-U windows isn’t just about enhancing the looks and energy efficiency of your home – it’s a significant factor in improving its security and safety as well. In fact, those are two of the main reasons why homeowners decide to replace their windows and doors.

Unfortunately, it’s inevitable that homes can be targeted by burglars. If it’s not happened to you it may well have happened to someone you know and domestic burglary can be a distressing experience.

And if you’ve recently moved into a new property, can you be sure you’re the only one who has a set of keys?

That’s why the safety and security of your home should be a top priority. It pays to protect the people and possessions you care about most, so the value of a decision to invest in new, secure windows and doors can prove priceless. Even better, it can significantly increase the value of your home, as well as keeping your insurance company happy.

Replacing your current windows and doors with new ones made from Newglaze enables you to choose from the very latest hardware and high-security locking systems to secure your property.