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Newenergy supplies and installs high quality solar panel systems and solar battery storage for homes across Dorset. If you're looking for sustainable energy solutions for a house in Bournemouth, Blandford, Weymouth, Yeovil and all the surrounding areas, contact us for a free solar quote today!

  • Save money on your energy bills and get paid for your power
  • Reduce your carbon footprint for a greener, more sustainable lifestyle
  • Quick and easy installation courtesy of a trusted, reliable team
  • MCS registered installers for Solar PV panels and battery storage solutions

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Save Money

One of the most popular reasons to choose solar panels and make the switch to renewable energy is to save money. With less reliance on traditional sources, you’ll significantly cut down or completely cut out your energy bills. Plus, you can look at selling excess power to the National Grid – or keep it for yourself for future use.

Save Energy

With less reliance on electrical companies, solar power can dramatically reduce the amount of energy that you use. Home solar panels are an effective way to generate the power you need. With an additional battery, you can even save this to use later, so you can rest assured that your sustainable energy will not go to waste.

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Save The Planet

Making the switch to solar power is a great way to save money but also to affirm your commitment to a ‘greener’ way of life. We’ve seen it become increasingly important to our customers to reduce energy emissions and cut their carbon footprint, so we’re proud to offer our services to strive towards a more sustainable future.

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Solar Panels 

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels work by creating a flow of electricity when the semi-conducting layers are hit with sunlight. There is a misconception that solar panel systems only work on sunny days, but they generate power even when it’s overcast.  It doesn’t have to be direct – modern solar panels work on cloudy days too, which is ideal for us here in the UK – but the stronger the sunshine, the more energy generated.

This current is then passed through an inverter, which converts it into an alternating current. You can then use this to power your home, so you’re able to rely on a renewable source of energy and can therefore start saving money on your bills too. Plus, not only do solar panels save money, they can make it too. You can look into selling unused energy to the National Grid!  Solar panels for home use are a great way to take control of your household energy bills, get your free quote now.

Solar Batteries

If you’re investing in solar PV panels, you’ll want to consider a Newenergy solar battery to work alongside it as well. With this, you can store the excess electricity that’s been generated by your solar panel system and keep it for later use. This is a great alternative if you aren’t looking to sell it and want to keep it for yourself.

Solar batteries are a great way to keep a reserve of energy for those times when you might not be able to generate as much as you would like – not only because of the unpredictable British weather, but also because otherwise you won’t be able to rely on your solar panel at night or when power outages occur. And if you’re concerned about how much solar batteries cost, don’t be. We offer competitive solar battery prices to suit all budgets. Contact our friendly team and learn more about our solar power products today!

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Save Money, Get Paid

Making the switch to Newenergy solar power means you’re investing in the future of the planet – and your home. You and your family will immediately notice the difference in your energy bills, so you can start saving right away.

Plus, with the excess power, if you don’t plan on getting a solar battery to store it for yourself, then you can look into selling it to the National Grid. That way, you’ll not only be saving money but making money too – for a sustainable lifestyle that pays off in every way. Start earning money on your energy bills with our solar panels. Thanks to our competitive solar panel costs, you can now install solar panels on all kinds of homes. Buy solar panels online with Newenergy and you’ll get an expert service from our friendly consultants, competitive prices, personalised advice and more. Get in touch today and see how the best Dorset solar panels can benefit you.

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