Evolution Door and uPVC Windows Chetnole

Transforming A Property In Dorset.

Our professional team recently completed another stunning renovation in Chetnole, Dorset. Mr and Mrs Woodford were suffering with tired windows in dire need of replacement. The Newglaze team was on-hand to make it happen.

The homeowners noticed that their property was not looking as good as it could, and they wanted to make sure their home looked and performed to its full potential.

New windows can bring more than a distinctive look to a property.

If you find the right window style, you can enjoy a cohesive aesthetic that also offers excellent advantages. Mr and Mrs Woodford knew that their current windows were underperforming and there is so much more than modern designs can offer.

At Newglaze, we believe everyone should be able to enjoy the latest window styles.

The Woodfords made use of our 40 years’ experience to help them find the right look and feel for their home. They opted for stunning sleek, dummy-sashed white uPVC windows with internal Georgian bars. This classic look brought a distinctive feel for their home.

Stylish yet secure, customisable and functional, Newglaze’s uPVC windows don’t compromise.

With their new windows in place, the homeowners were able to enjoy a wide range of benefits. uPVC is a modern and easy to maintain material that stays looking its best for longer. It is also heavily customisable to suit the existing style of your home.

For a heritage feel, Mr and Mrs Woodford considered choosing authentic timber windows and doors. But Newglaze’s commitment to offering the finest home improvement possibilities allowed us to introduce them to the perfect alternative.

Evolution windows and doors are a timber alternative that offer the traditional appeal of wooden styles without any of the drawbacks. Wood is known to warp and rot over time. It can also be incredibly costly, both to install and to maintain.

Evolution is an excellent alternative. That’s why Mr and Mrs Woodford felt it was a straightforward decision to choose this over a traditional wooden door. Evolution doors are more secure and thermally efficient, and they keep the highly sought-after appeal of timber.

Evolution doors feature advanced security features to keep you and your loved ones safe, as well as outstanding thermally efficient profiles to keep you comfortable all year round. Their new Evolution doors, along with their new uPVC windows, meant that the Woodfords’ home was looking and performing better than ever before.

Both of these installations are highly customisable, so if you’re wondering whether they will look as good as part of your home as they did for the Woodfords – the answer is yes!

Whether you’re looking to retain the look of your property or take the opportunity to reinvent it with new windows and doors, the expert team at Newglaze can help you.

Take a look at our full range of windows and doors, and we’re sure you’ll find the right fit for your home as Mr and Mrs Woodford have done. If you’re feeling inspired by the transformation of their home, we’re sure they would be flattered if you drew a little inspiration from them.

You can receive a personalised cost for your next home improvement with our innovative online quoting engine. Enter your specifications and take the first step to a new and improved home today.  You can also visit our nearby Blandford Forum showroom. Call 01258 483535 to book an appointment.

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