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The Benefits of Triple Glazing

Newglaze now offer 44mm triple glazed units for the very best in heat insulation. Using Planitherm soft coat (x2) and low iron glass, argon filled with Swisspacer Ultimate warm edge spacer the glass achieves a U-value of 0.62 and combined with our 70mm system, will give a whole window U Value of 0.8

Building regulations are becoming more stringent regarding thermally efficiency. The method of comparing the energy performance of windows is to use the U-Value, as used when comparing walls, roofs and floors. Over time U-values in windows have dropped. When we only used single glazing, windows had a U-value in excess of 5, early double glazing reduced this figure to 3, but over the years the u-value on double glazed units has dropped to around 1.1, with the introduction of warm edge spacers, argon gas and low-e glass. 44mm triple glazing offers a centre pane U-value of around 0.6. This type of window offers over 40% better insulation than our “A” rated double glazing. It is in most cases over 25% better insulated than our rivals 36mm triple glazing.

Triple glazing is genuinely worth the added investment for 5 main reasons. There is a lot written on the internet about triple glazing, some of which Newglaze would regard has either bias or incorrect. Whilst its true than some triple glazing is not better than some double glazing, it is all about the specification of the glass. Generally speaking the most thermally efficient sealed units will have a gap between the panes of glass of around 16-20mm. When looking for argon filled triple glazing, the gaps between the glass should really be no less than 16mm, if it is smaller than that, the thermal efficiency may not match that of double glazing.

  • – Our 44mm triple glazinghas over 40% better insulation than our ‘A’ rated double glazing
  • – The most thermally efficient windows in our range
  • – It’s also has over 25% better insulation than our rivals 36mm triple glazing
  • – Laminate glass option for enhanced sound insulation
  • – Security – 3 panes of glass provide additional security by affording extra protection from breaks in via broken glass